Actions on overseas business

Strengthening our overseas business

To make a robust base of business not affected by change of domestic market, we are strengthening overseas business. Concretely, we established Overseas Business Division, which works for expansion of overseas business in Asian region where we can expect expansion of our business, and we are actively promoting establishment of new local office and alliance with local companies. In order to proceed these actions speedily, we actively employ foreign people who are in familiar with local situations.

Our strong points

Based on know-how accumulated from our domestic business for more than 70 years, we can provide services meeting overseas needs as well as overseas excellent products and services. We, Technical Electron Co., Ltd., are expanding our business in global environment with networks with various business categories and our business bases in Asian countries, i.e. Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Korea Thailand Taiwan


KoreaWe have been operated the agency for parking lots in Korea. Our corporate strength would be self development capability in order to achieve substantial activations, and on its significantly operation know-how has been optimized in the event of appropriations on each demands or each countries.


ThailandWe are planning to establish sales office in Bangkok to additionally expand the sales of electronic precision components by our group company, EPE Thailand. Upon establishment, we will promote sales activities not only in Thailand but also in neighboring countries.


TaiwanWe are carrying on alliance with dominant companies in Taiwan. We are aiming at further growth with allied companies by entrustment of production of our products, spreading coin parking in Taiwan, and development of new product by alliance.


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Actions on overseas business