From the message of chairman & CEO

Innovative change to market-creating enterprise

CEO Hiroshi Shimada

Since foundation, TECHNICAL ELECTRON CO., LTD has been always actively engaged in our business with two mottos, "production from viewpoint of customers" and "benefit for customers".
In future, we cannot survive the competition in market only by making good products, which is a traditional concept of manufacturer. It is important to gain a speed to provide what the market needs timely and to create a new market with unique management system.
Products created by manufacturer's ego lead to not only unnecessary efforts of distributors, but also unhappy consumption by customers. It is the future theme of manufacturers to establish a system for sharing the benefits between manufacturers and consumers. I believe the system which will activate the economy.
Now, we contribute our energy to manufacturing parking equipment as our core product and electronic equipment and components, extension to agriculture business as a new business, and incubation business (IB) as our proposal for creation of employment, which trains and supports venture companies of next generation.
We implement global development, while foreseeing the next generation, by looking for new materials and needs in Kyushu (Fukuoka) considered as a key gateway to Asia, and transfer of production to subsidiary companies in Thailand, and expansion of the market, etc.
TECHNICAL ELECTRON CO., LTD will tackle a creation of new value of enterprise by gaining new technical capacity and further energy for creation and challenge.

Motto of Technical Electron Group is “Courtesy, passion, and faithfulness”.

This is also a corporate statement aiming at each employee dealing with customers with courtesy, tackling jobs with passion from the viewpoint of customers, and faithfully implementing the customers' requirements.


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