Actions on environment

Actions of Technical Electron Co., Ltd.

Challenge 25

The future will change. Japan will change it. Challenge25“Challenge 25” is a national campaign for the government to promote actions to prevent global heating and started on January 14, 2010. In Challenge 25, specific actions to reduce CO2 are proposed and practice of them is widely addressed to public.
Our target is to reduce 25% of emission of greenhouse gas in ratio to 1990 by 2020. We propose specific actions called “6 challenges” to offices and households and call for practice of them.

Technical Electron Co., Ltd. acts out as environmental-friendly company

Environmental policy

Environmental policyOur earth is irreplaceable. We must be always so conscious of this environment that we transfer sound condition to next generation that all life forms carry on healthy and sustaining activities under the environment.
The above also applies to business activities, products, and services of Technical Electron Co., Ltd. It is one of our missions that all managers and personnel together get involved in environment preservation.

Action guidelines

As a company dealing with development, design, manufacture and sales of electronic equipment and apparatus, and electronic components, we not only contribute to society, but also continuously improve effects on environment arising from all of our business activities and reconcile with clean and green environment remain to be an enterprise trusted by residents, customers, personnel, and other interested parties.
For this purpose, we ensure the following items and put effort into our business activities:

  • (1) We observe environmental laws and regulations and requirements recognized by us.
  • (2) We continuously improve environmental management system and prevent contamination by establishment of purposes and targets to improve environment and by development of activities.
  • (3) The following items are considered as important activities.
    • Development, design, manufacture, and sales promotion of environment-friendly products
    • Reduction of emission of wastes
    • Reduction of energy consumption
    • Promotion of resource-saving activities


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