Parking equipment business

The latest technology, support system for reassurance

We provide our products and services most suitable for your purpose.

Parking lot requires the coordination of equipment system according to its purpose and operating environment. The lineup of parking unit of Technical Electron Co., Ltd. includes a variety of system equipment such as locking board type parking system for small-sized parking lot, automatic type parking system for medium-sized parking lot. Moreover, we provide several optional functions to the customers' needs, such as car path control system which leads cars in the parking lot safely, remote management system using internet.

For land owners

Parking business if you utilize your land.

We consistently support parking business of land owners with proposal of equipment most suitable for the land, lump sum rental, maintenance service, etc.

For stores and facilities

Link to store is possible, 24-hour maintenance service.

Technical Electron's lineup includes a variety of products such as locking board type suitable for small-sized space, bar gate type for medium-sized space, car path control system for large-sized commercial facilities. Moreover, our nation-wide network supports the parking lot management for cleaning, fee collection, and maintenance.

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When troubled in management of parking lot

We provide the latest equipment and rich management know-how. "TECHNICALPARKING SYSTEM"

To maintain safe, clean and profitable parking lot, after-maintenance such as regular check and cleaning is required. Technical Electron Co., Ltd. is completely ready to provide full support after opening, consisting of maintenance such as 24-hour support by our nation-wide service network, fee collection, cleaning, replenishment of consumables, proposal of improvement of management by analysis of operation status, moreover, representative service for management of parking lot.

For parking lot management business

"TECHNICAL PARKING SYSTEM“, lineup of the latest parking equipment such as full automatic type, locking board type, car path control system

Technical Electron Co., Ltd. provides "TECHNICAL PARKING SYSTEM" to all parking lot management business in Japan, using the know-how which was cultivated for many years by development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of various kinds of electronic equipment such as parking management equipment.

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To strengthen the security in the parking lot

Major problems in management of parking lot are unauthorized parking or devilment and burglary in parking lot. Security guards are deployed in some parking lots. However, security guards or managers are not in all of parking lots. So we recommend “Technical Gate“. Once it is installed, since only contractors can enter, it will be psychological restraint and significantly reduces burglary and devilment with a light heart.

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Car management system which manages entry and exit of cars and prevents leakage of confidential information of companies

Crime prevention systems to prevent taking out of business properties and leakage of information are spreading to car management.
In-site security system uses parking system technology and manages entry and exit of cars to/from factory, warehouse, or company, etc.
To control information of company and avoid leakage of confidential information, it uses an IC card and is linked to car number identification system, to realize security in the facilities at high level by monitoring the cars, restricting the entry, or management of running records, etc.

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