Incubation Business

To create employment by cultivation of entrepreneurs.

Now Japan faces very severe situation of employment. Prolonged and high unemployment rate due to delay of economic recovery causes several social problems such as increase of young NEETs. Though the Government and financial circles leaded to take employment measures, the situation of unemployment has not been improved yet. Our business of creation of employment (incubation business) is not work-sharing, which is assignment of works maintaining a certain volume of employment, but start-up of business with own efforts and expansion of employment capability. That means, this business intends to create good job opportunity by supporting new business, self-dependence, or shakeout, and to contribute to sound development of economy. Through incubation (IB) business, we provide our long-cultivated management know-how to you and we are very pleased to support your self-dependence.

Scheme of Incubation Business

Incubation business of Technical Electron Co., Ltd. is not a mere support of introduction or procurement of job.
It is a comprehensive support system to guide entrepreneurs, which provides acquirement of professional knowledge of management techniques or marketing as well as utilization of our commercial materials, office space for opening business. We will extract latent potential of entrepreneurs and provide full support for your self-dependence in society by providing our long-cultivated know-how.

Scheme of Incubation Business
Incubation of venture companies and own business Sales representative system Creation of new business and market Support of overseas countries for expanding business in Japan

Incubation of venture companies and own business

We fully support entrepreneurs and venture companies by providing management know-how and commercial materials, who are not familiar with establishment of own business, or who do not have commercial materials but guts.

1Please make presentation of your enthusiasm showing your indefatigableness, future dream, and your current situation. All begins from it.

2We introduce business model of Technical Electron Co., Ltd. We explain our product competitiveness, construction of profit, and development scenario. We will explain the details of business you are interested in.

3Once the business model is determined, please take training on product and sales activities. We will give you our know-how of success of our company's business.

4After training with manuals, you gain on-the-job training for a certain period as one of staffs of Technical Electron Co., Ltd. During this period, please do not fear the risk but experience the real business. This OJT is the best help for you in the society.

5We will spend this training period with you for a few months and determine your adequacy. Upon successful determination of your adequacy, we will conclude a regular trade contract with you as sales representative and ask you to distribute our products.

6After conclusion of contract, for your establishment of business, we will support you in detail for introduction of IB Support Center (the office) as well as provision of sales promotion tools, preparation of ledger sheets.

7It is the time you exert your achievement in the OJT. You just follow the successful cases of Technical Electron Co., Ltd. Please be confident in them and enter the world of work.

8Establishment of your business does not mean the end of IB Support System. You must continue to ramp up your business to win a race. After establishment, we will support you for periodical entry in exhibitions and consultation on management for our mutual success.

Sales agent system

We support companies considering new business for making infrastructures such as introduction of sales agent system recommended by Technical Electron Co., Ltd., provision of commercial materials, personnel training, affiliation on sales.

Creation of new business and market

In order to create new market, we support enterprises which have good products and engineering capability but not enough sales capability to put into market or which consider new business.

1Please let us know your vaunty products, services, ideas as well as troubles specific to venture companies, such as pending realization of product due to lack of money, impossibility of maintenance of company despite of realized product.

2We will assess quality, environment of competition, distribution environment of your products or services on market, for example, by entry in exhibition of Technical Electron Co., Ltd.'s exhibition.

3We will consider the possibility of affiliation of business through business network of Technical Electron Co., Ltd. based on market assessment and product assessment.

4There are some reasons for no sales of products. We reestablish the price policy, sales channel, advertisement, sales promotion to prepare a good sales scenario.

5Once the product marketing strategy is determined, please gain an on-the-job training on sales. At first, please sell the product by yourself. Forwarding the successful cases to sales representatives will make the distribution functional, and you can know the reason of no sales by yourself.

6Once successful sales cases are established, you develop the manual and recruit the sales representatives. Of course, you can use sales network of Technical Electron Co., Ltd.

7Good products are not always sellable products. Sellable products will benefit all, not only management executives, but also personnel and persons engaged in sales. It is hard to success by yourself. We will support you for expanding job opportunity including alliance with outside companies.

Support of overseas companies for expanding business in Japan

We provide full support for overseas venture companies who plan to expand business in Japanese market for marketing research, localization of product, establishment of sales channel.


We give guidance about elements of business for creation of independent heart as well as products, services, sales techniques, advertisement and sales promotion measures.


We hold exhibitions and presentations in premises to broadly appeal new product, technology, and ideas and obtain proper valuation of the market.

Business meeting

We hold business meeting to share the needs with attendees and companies attended in exhibitions for matching the needs and business opportunities.


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