Electronic Equipment Business

Electronic equipment responding to strict product requirements from industry

As a monitor-specific manufacturer, our Electronic Equipment Division develops and manufactures products with high quality, performance, function, durability matching the customers' needs in various fields such as medical, marine, broadcasting, image processing, and machinery, with our analog circuit engineering cultivated throughout CRT monitor development and digital circuit engineering cultivated throughout digital circuit engineering. By the application of our accumulated know-how, we also evolve in new fields such as system products, digital signage, vibration device. Our Electronic Equipment Division was certified for international standard for quality management system, ISO 9001 on 1995 and standard for environmental management system, ISO 14001 on 2003. We execute strict quality control from procurement of materials to shipment. We will continue to develop and produce 3Q-brand products for satisfaction of our customers and contribute to society.

Development Fields

Companies Introducing Our Products

  • Icom
  • Aloka
  • Okamoto Electronics Corp.
  • Olympus
  • Kakuta Radio & Electric
  • Shimadzu Corp.
  • SONY
  • Taiyo Yuden
  • Daito Electron Co, Ltd.
  • CHORI Imaging
  • Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices
  • Toshiba Medical Systems
  • Tomihisa Electronics
  • NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
  • Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
  • Panasonic
  • Panasonic Factory Solutions
  • Hitachi High-Technologies
  • Fukuda Denshi
  • Fuji Film
  • Fuji Film Techno Products
  • Fukunishi Electrical Co., Ltd.
  • Honda Electronics
  • Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Corp.
  • Several commercial TV stations


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