Agriculture Business

Introduction of the Division

Technical Electron Co., Ltd. has grown up by timely and flexible development of products in step with the times and by continuing to supply them to the market on a constant basis.
At present, the agriculture in Japan faces terribly severe situations with uncertain outlook due to several factors such as liberalization in market of cultivated crops and resulting price declination, change of growing environment by the global warming, etc.
Basically, improvement of food self-sufficiency rate and environment-consciousness are propositions of the realm of Japanese agriculture. But now, fuel oil burning boiler, generally used in heating of gardening house, has a big influence on farm management and natural environment due to rising price of Bunker A used and CO2 emission when burning.
With our technology and know-how cultivated for many years, we aim at improvement in the realm of agriculture. We have already started a broad range of actions including development of facility gardening equipment, branding of crops, establishment of new distribution system, etc.
Development of the realm of agriculture is our important theme. For this purpose, we promote introduction of advanced energy-saving equipment including agricultural heat pump air conditioner for gardening house, streamlining of the works by use of information technology, branding of crops to support sextic industrialization.


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